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David Velasquez

Clinical Psychologist and Gestalt Psychotherapist

I accompany you in your processes of knowledge and personal transformation at an individual, couple and group level. 

Areas of expertise

These are some of the situations or areas  in which I can accompany you






Grief and Loss


Self knowledge

Áreas de especialzación
About me

I am a psychologist from the University of Antioquia, Master in Clinical Psychology from the University of Bologna, in Italy, and Gestalt psychotherapist from the Gestalt Center of Medellin.

I seek to be consistent with my profession and live in a responsible, conscious and,  as far as possible, happy.

my approach

I am a humanistic psychologist and I accompany you to recover your ability to choose, connect with yourself and get to know yourself better so that you can make more authentic decisions that allow you to live a healthier and fuller life.

Acerca de mi
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individual therapy

A space to get to know each other, feel and connect with ourselves in a true way. 


Couples therapy

A necessary space to communicate better, resolve pending issues and make better decisions together.

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workshops and
  in a group

 A group space that allows us to enhance empathy, support and transformation.

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conferences and

A learning space to nurture what we already know and expand our knowledge.


I can accompany you in different ways

"Self-knowledge is the first step
to start living the life you want to live" 

Continues to grow

Find in the blog a place to reflect and deepen on different topics  of what it means to be human: self-knowledge, relationships, emotions, habits, motivation and much more.

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Let's talk

Every great change starts with a first step.

Let's give it together.

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