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They are active learning spaces that allow us to nurture what we already know and deepen our knowledge  through interaction and the exchange of ideas on topics of fundamental importance for our mental health and development.

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free webinar
"The Beginning of Change"

If you've wondered why you don't set limits, why it's so hard for you to put yourself first, why it's hard to connect with other people, or why you never get the motivation to achieve the things you want, this free Webinar is for you. you.

Date: Saturday September 18

        9:00 am  (Colombia hour)

        11:00 a.m. (Argentina time)

        4:00 p.m. (Spain time)   

To answer these and many other questions, it is necessary to travel a path
that most of the time we are not willing to go through:


In the free Webinar "The beginning of change" you will learn

"Until we know how we're living,
we will not be able to change anything that is happening in our lives."

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