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Synergy Spaces

A place to connect with our interior in a powerful way, enhanced through support, empathy and transformation.

What is?

It is a safe place for everyone and full of trust, where the members have a common goal and on which we reflect in a deep and experiential way.

What is it for?

When we come together, we accomplish things that we could never have done in isolation, we can support each other and resonate with each other's experiences.


By connecting with ourselves, we enhance our capacity for awareness to start making more authentic and responsible decisions.

Get to know the group workshops of Espacios de Sinergia


Camila Meneses

Espacios de Sinergia was a place of love and understanding where I learned to understand my emotions. The most interesting thing was discovering that all emotions have a reason and a desire.  

I was able to face and understand my emotions, accompanied by brave people who helped me question myself and move forward in the process


John David Londono

I was able to identify and become more aware of many aspects of my personality, in particular knowing my shadows and how I can learn to positively transform them


Yuliana Baena

Espacios de Sinergia made it easier for me to observe emotional processes as something essential to being and experiencing life.

The process was a great immersion in my relationships, I was able to understand how I use (or stop using) my emotions to share and co-create with the people I love and know every day.


Let's talk

Every great change starts with a first step.

Let's give it together.

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