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Synergy Spaces

about emotions

Group psychology workshops to connect with our interior  in a powerful way.

6 sessions where you will connect with your interior in a powerful way exploring, understanding and learning to listen to your emotions.

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about emotions

1st Session - Start the synergy: resonate and align with others by understanding the emotions of the group.

2nd Session - We will connect with fear and understand its role in self-care.

3rd Session - We will connect with anger and find its relationship with self-love.

4th session - We will connect with sadness to understand how to transform it into self-knowledge.

5th Session - We will develop the emotional map that will allow us to have a guide to make better decisions.

6th session - Integrate what has been experienced and thank the group: the effects of synergy last over time.

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At the end of the workshop you will achieve 

   Connect, feel and freely express your emotions.
   Learn to listen to the meaning of emotions and understand their message.
   Adaptively regulate your emotions.
   Resonate with the experience of others.
   Make decisions based on what you feel.
   Improve your interpersonal relationships.

   Have a new perspective on emotions and experiences,
     both their own and those of others.

Registro Espacios de Sinergia

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Synergy Spaces

A group workshop to connect with our Emotions.

Modality: Virtual

6 sessions - Limited quotas

Value : $240,000 

Bancolombia Savings Account No. 693-6614-1065

Nequi account 3225397138


Once you make the payment, finish your registration by clicking on the group in which you want to participate, send the receipt and that's it!

  • Group 1:   Wednesday 6:00pm - 7:30pm
    Start: June 16 - End: July 21

  • Group 2:   Saturday  9:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.
    Start: June 19 - End: July 24

See you in Synergy Spaces !

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